Commercial Landscaping

Landscape Upgrades
Is your existing landscaping outdated, overgrown or just too plain? Let Outdoors Unlimited turn your landscape into your Dreamscape. If you have wondered what to do with your landscaping, consider a landscape upgrade from the professionals at Outdoors Unlimited that can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your property and be more suited to your needs and wants while also adding curb appeal and lowering maintenance requirements.

Hardscapes and Water Features
Hardscapes such as paver patios, stone walkways and walls and water and fire elements are the perfect way to add natural distinction and definition to your outdoor landscape. Hardscapes are works of art that not only enhance the beauty of your home or business but also add more functional space and value to your property.

Landscape Lighting “Nightscapes”
Outdoor Lighting is a great way to highlight important landscape and architectural features of your property. Many options are available, such as Accenting, moon lighting, grazing, shadowing and silhouetting, to illuminate the most alluring landscape features. Landscape lighting can also acts as a security feature by attractively illuminating the outside of your home or business and lighting walkways.

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance
Outdoors Unlimited is committed to protecting your investment, with professional routine lawn and landscape maintenance, whether it’s your home, business, homeowners’ association, institutional property or you manage many properties. Regular maintenance is the key to a beautiful and sustainable lawn and landscape with maximum curb appeal. Outdoors Unlimited’s highly trained and professional team has the resources and the knowledge to maintain your properties at the highest standard. We know what and when things need to be done and how to do them.

Fertilization and Weed Control
A healthy, lush lawn must have sufficient nutrients, proper and effective weed control and correct mowing. Outdoors unlimited provides soil sampling to determine a starting point for your customized lawn care program in order to provide our customers with the thickest, greenest lawn in the neighborhood.