Frequently Asked Questions

Why is professional commercial and residential landscaping maintenance important?
You would not allow your home or your business to go without proper care and maintenance since it would deteriorate quickly and lose value. The same applies to your landscape. You have made a significant investment in your landscaping and it needs to be properly cared for through a professional turf and plant health care program designed to protect that investment and ensure a healthier and more enduring landscape.

How much does professional landscape maintenance cost?
The price for a landscape maintenance program varies with each property. Getting a proposal from us is simple. We will evaluate your property, evaluate the property’s needs, and develop a proposal that is customized to your specific needs.

What is included in your maintenance program?
Full service maintenance includes mowing and trimming of all turf areas, removal of grass clippings as needed, blowing of all hard surfaces. Removal of leaves and other debris from turf area. Removal and clean up of weeds, leaves and debris in bed areas. Our maintenance program can be tailored to your needs.

Do you collect grass clippings after each mowing?
Clippings contain water and elements that are desirable for soil and turf which is why we leave them. Your soil contains microbes and fungi that break down the clippings to a form usable by the plants. Also, these clippings will keep soil covered, minimizing evaporation. As the clippings decompose, they return organic matter to your soil, helping create tiny spaces for water and air, improving percolation and fighting compaction.

Will I receive service each week?
Yes. We’ll visit once a week during most of the season. In April, we perform your spring cleanup and usually begin weekly mowing by the beginning of May. In late October through November, we visit your site approximately every 10 days to perform fall operations including leaf cleanup.

When I will be billed for your services?
Once you set up your landscape maintenance program we will bill you every month. Other services are billed as the work is performed.

Who is my contact person for Maintenance questions?
You may call the main line at Outdoors Unlimited, at 615-394-1207 if you have any questions about your maintenance.

Who do I talk to when there is a crew working on my site?
Each crew is lead by a foreman that manages the work that is completed at each visit. The foreman is also there to answer any questions that the client had.

Who do I call if I want flowers, vegetables or bulbs planted?
You can call us at any time to discuss flower needs. We also have additional resources and people to help our clients create new designs and ideas.

When do you install seasonal color?
We offer four possible rotations of annual flowers (or seasonal color): spring, summer, fall and winter. The timing of each installation depends solely on the weather. A rough time line follows: Spring: bulbs late October / early November, spring plantings Late March-Early April, Summer: after Mother’sDay, Fall: September, Winter greens: mid-November.

If I have a struggling plant or lawn problem whom shall I call?
We are professional landscapers and can help you with all of your lawn problems.

What are your pruning practices?
Most landscape plants require some form of pruning, whether to preserve a loose, natural form, or to create tight, compact shapes. Each individual tree or shrub has its own, unique pruning needs, depending on variety, exposure and desired result. Unless you have formal hedges or topiaries, our pruning philosophy is to encourage the natural form of the plant. The majority of our in-season pruning focuses on removing spent blooms and removing dead or damaged limbs. It is equally important to know when not to prune. If you prune some species during the summer you may limit the plant’s ability to produce another season’s interest (i.e. berries, hips, fall blooms). Because it is the best time of year to observe the natural shape of plants and certain plant materials respond better to pruning that would normally stress them during the active growing season, we also provide one dormant pruning (Feb-Mar) that can be an add on to your maintenance contract.

Who do I call with billing questions?
We are here to assist your with any billing questions. 615-394-1207.

What if it rains on my scheduled maintenance day?
In the event of a rain day, we determine if our operations will be harmful to your landscape (i.e. create ruts, tracking of mud, etc.). If we decide we may cause harm then we will not perform maintenance that day and schedule you the following day.

Should I core aerate my lawn?
Aeration punches deep holes through thatch, turf, and compacted clay soil. Core aerators then deposit these plugs on top of the turf, where they eventually decompose. Over time, this process will de-compact soil, allowing for greater percolation. It also increases the surface area of the turf, encouraging beneficial aerobic bacterial and fungal growth.

Why do I need to mulch my beds?
Mulch beautifies your property — it reduces weeds, keeping maintenance to a minimum; retains ground moisture, reducing the need for watering; protects the roots from heat damage and reduces the need for constant fertilizing by enriching the soil.