Residential Lighting

Residential Landscape Lighting “Nightscapes”

Outdoor Lighting is a great way to highlight your home's important landscape and architectural features. Many options are available, such as Accenting, moon lighting, grazing, shadowing and silhouetting, to illuminate the most alluring landscape features. Landscape lighting can also acts as a security feature by attractively illuminating the outside of your home and lighting walkways.

Provide Safety and Security for Your Family
Vandalism is an unfortunate occurance that happens often, and since it goes hand in hand with burglaries, you want to ensure that your property is protected from both. Landscape lighting can help reduce the occurances of both.

No only will landscape lighting guide your way directly through your property, in-ground lights and ambient lighting provide both safety and security. If there is a great deal of foliage on your property, lighting will provide excellent ambience. Lighting will minimize chances of accidents due to tripping or stumbling along the path.

Spot and Focus Lighting
With spot and focus lighting, you can create a beautiful atmosphere.

Save Energy and Spend Less Time Focusing on the Landscape

Low Voltage Lighting
Less Electricity Usage
Same Strength And Quality As Traditional Lights
Reduce On-Site Accidents
Cut Down on Vandalism and Burglary

Once we install your new lighting system there is very little for you to think about except the upkeep of the landscape itself.

With power-saving options such as timers, you won’t ever again forget to turn off the landscape lighting in the morning.